dedication to our fabulous sweets

Refreshingly crunchy from the first bite, followed by a smooth and creamy filling – Beard Papa’s sweets can bring the biggest smile to our customers.

We want to provide you “Sweets of Happiness with a Fabulous Taste”. And our dedication is based on selected ingredients and particular preparation methods.

Now, we are going to reveal the secrets of Beard Papa’s special sweets.

chapter 01: pie cream puff pastry

One and only “knead-in” type pastry we proudly introduce to the world

The flaky pastry used for a certain type of apple pies and French mille feuille is a “fold-in” type pasty in which butter was repeatedly folded into flour. Very tasty and aromatic, but this type of pastry is rather difficult to eat as it flakes away and gets very messy when you are eating.

pie cream puff pastry
knead-in type pastry

We developed an original “knead-in” type pastry, which is easy to eat but comes with a refreshingly crunchy texture. With extra care as to oven temperature and moisture level, we finally created the original cream puff pastry with a crunchy crust and smooth inside texture.

chapter 02: special custard cream

A magic spell for a beautiful taste

Our special custard cream is made with selected local fresh eggs and milk. It is vital to fold plenty of air into the custard while making. By folding air into eggs, we can make our smooth and silky custard. Hard work but absolutely essential, we take extreme care of the process.

For Beard Papa’s staff members, working hard on this process is just like giving a magic spell to a caldron in order to create very special custard cream.

Custard Cream
special custard cream

chapter 03: always fresh’n natural, baked fresh daily!

Our dedication is to serve under the very best conditions.

We bake our puffs daily, and fill them with a special cream in front of your eyes, each time we receive an order. This is the way we provide our desirable cream puffs in their best conditions.

The filling, our original “custard and whipped fresh cream”, is a special custard combined with whipped fresh cream. We fill each puff carefully when we receive your order, and dust with snow white icing sugar for the finishing touch.

Baked Fresh Daily
Fresh’n Natural

Freshly baked crunchy Pie Cream Puff filled with melting cream - it has a divine taste with moderate sweetness!!!

We endeavour to provide the best quality food for our customers every day.

chapter 04: the best way to eat our cream puffs

A Palatable sensation; crunch at first, then soft and moist texture with smooth filling.

You can enjoy the palatable sensation only straight after your purchase. If you are not going to eat them immediately, please make sure you remove our COOL ICE from a package and keep your cream puffs in fridge. COOL ICE tends to gather up moisture, which can deteriorate the texture of cream puffs. You can still enjoy the fresh condition if you eat them within 5 hours of your purchase, in case you do not remove COOL ICE.

COOL ICE from a package
cream puffs

Beard Papa’s is giving a priority not only to the taste but to the consideration of health and food safety issues. Avoiding preservatives and other artificial addictives is making our sweets truly Fresh’n Natural. Please eat them within a day of your purchase.