Pie Cream Puff

Pie Cream Puff

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The most popular type of cream puff in the world, and we make them with an extra touch.
Beard Papa’s Cream Puff is made of pastry filled with our special cream.

From selected ingredients to the preparation method, everything is very original. Beard Papa’s cream puffs are our standard, very popular sweets. The balance of fresh crust and creamy filling is the secret of our popularity.

secret of pie cream puff, tasty original cream puff

1. Always crunchy, we are very particular about our cream puffs pastry.

pie-cream01.jpgBeard Papa’s aromatic Pie Cream Puff is oven baked. The shells are made of double-layer of soft French “cream puffs “and outside “pie crust”, very unique and with a rich pastry that we have developed.

In order to avoid crumbly pie crust, we evolved an original “knead-in” type pastry.

Inside of cream puff is soft and moist, while outside pie crust stays crunchy even after several hours. It is one and only cream puff pastry we can proudly introduce to the world.

2. The exquisite balance of a sweet taste created with a special combination of custard cream and whipped fresh cream.

pie-cream02.jpgBeard Papa’s does not use ordinary custard cream for filling. Selected local fresh eggs, milk and high quality Madagascan vanilla beans are used to create our smooth and silky custard cream with an outstanding flavour.

Adding whipped fresh cream to the custard requires an elaborate technique. We fold the custard and whipped fresh cream carefully to give a “marble effect”, which can give you superbly balanced sweetness.

3. Always Fresh’n Natural, with a high standard of food safety conscience.

pie-cream03.jpgBeard Papa’s Pie Cream Puff is always Fresh’n Natural, made fresh daily in front of your eyes.

We make our special cream in our store with great care, several times a day. Each puff is filled with our special filling, weighed, and finally dusted with snow white icing sugar. And this is all done in front of your eyes each time we receive an order!

Beard Papa’s is giving a priority not only to the taste but to the consideration of health and food safety issues. Avoiding preservatives and other artificial addictives is the way to create our truly Fresh’n Natural sweets. Please eat them within a day of your purchase.

Nutritian Information

219kcal 3.8g 12.2g 23.4g 35.9g 0.7g