Paris Brest

Paris Brest

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Born in Paris, the ring shaped cream puff pastry has a mysterious crunchy & fluffy texture.

Our rich pastry contains delicate almond powder. This ring shaped fancy cream puff pastry was born in Paris to commemorate a famous bicycling event, Paris Brest et Tour.

Secret of mysterious taste in paris brest

1. Secret of aroma

Ring shaped Paris Brest has an aromatic crunchy crust with fluffy cream filling. The pastry contains almond powder, which can produce fine aromatic almond scent when baked in oven with high temperature. Delicate sweet taste and tender flavour make Paris Brest very popular sweets.


2. Crunchy and soft, double palatable sensation

PARIS BREST gives you both crunchy and soft texture. The secret is in its special wavy shape. The higher parts of wavy pastry are well baked and crunchy, while the lower parts stay soft, making distinctive texture of PARIS BREST. Try our unique sweets if you have not tasted the sensation.


Nutritian Information

238kcal 5.2g 15.1g 20.4g 35.6g 0.8g