Fondant Chocolat

Fondant Chocolat


Irresistibly rich melting chocolate

This is a rich chocolate cake made with plenty of Couverture chocolate. Oozing chocolate comes out from the centre of the cake when heated through.

Secret of fondant chocolat's irresistible taste

1. Full cocoa aroma

A full bodied, rich cake made with supreme quality chocolate with 62% cocoa can give you a melting chocolate sensation in your mouth. Be sure to warm it up before serving to experience the oozing chocolate centre.


2. Creamy, rich taste

Using extra high quality butter, our Fondant Chocolat was finally created after years of research to achieve a good balance of rich chocolate and tasty cake mixture.


3. Hidden cookie base under the cake

Our Fondant Chocolat has a crunchy cookie base with cashew nuts, prepared and baked specially in Beard Papa’s oven. The Crunchy base plus the opposite texture of moist chocolate cake on top can create a special palatable pleasure, which is the secret of our fabulous Fondant Chocolat.

The best way to eat “hot” fondant chocolat!!

1. Beginners method: for a person who wants to eat immediately.

Just eat as is.

*You can enjoy the rich chocolate taste. Unfortunately, you can not have the oozing chocolate centre.

2. Intermediate method: for a person who wants to eat hot chocolate cake.

Remove the paper wrapping and microwave for approx. 25 seconds. (in 800W microwave oven)
Or heat the cake for approx. 2 minutes in oven toaster after removing the paper wrapping.

*If you heat up just in microwave oven, you would not have crunchy texture on the surface. If you heat up just in oven toaster, you would not have the oozing chocolate centre.

3. Advanced method: for a person who wants to eat authentic fondant chocolat.

1) Remove from the paper wrapping and place it on a plate without cling wrap covering.

2) Microwave for approx. 20 seconds. If you are heating 2 cakes at once, microwave them for approx. 30 second. (in 800W microwave oven)

3) Finally bake in oven toaster for approx. 45 seconds.

*We recommend this advanced method to experience an authentic Fondant Chocolat. You can have moist chocolate cake with a crusty surface and the melted chocolate centre.

※ If you heat up for too long, the cake may burst in oven.
※ Please use 800W microwave oven, or set up your microwave for 800W.
※ Do not use AUTO Cook setting.
※ If you heat up for too long, the chocolate inside can get hardened.
※ Please be aware the cooking time can vary depending on the type of microwave oven you use.
※ If you heat up several cakes at once, the conditions of melted chocolate centre can vary from cake to cake. We do not recommend you to heat up a large quantity at once.

Nutritian Information

333kcal 6.4g 19.8g 32.4g 32.7g 0.7g