Cookie Crunch Puff

Cookie Crunch Puff

From $4.00

With a crunchy texture, Cookie Crunch Puff is a rich and aromatic cream puff.

A Sweet, crunchy cookie topping sprinkled on our famous Pie Cream puff, here is Cookie Crunch Puff for you!

The rich taste of Cookie Crunch Puff is another one of Beard Papa’s original, very popular sweets.

Secret of cookie crunch puff, beard papa’s another tasty cream puff

1. An aromatic cookie topping on top of Pie Cream Puff.

Adding cookie topping on top of Beard Papa’s Pie Cream Puff, and oven baked – this is our Cookie Crunch Puff! During the baking process in the oven, butter in the cookie dough melts away to the top of cream puff pastry, creating the distinctive crunchy crust on the surface of each puff.


Sweeter than Pie Cream Puff and more aromatic, Cookie Crunch Puff is another one of Beard Papa’s top sellers.

2. Oven baked, irresistible aroma

Out from the oven, Cookie Crunch Puff spreads a rich, beautiful butter aroma in our store. Freshly baked Cookie Crunch Puff, with crunchy crust, is so popular that we sometimes have to take orders with numbered tickets.


Try our Cookie Crunch Puff with seasonal flavours, as well as our standard filling of “custard and whipped fresh cream”.

Nutritian Information

255kcal 4.2g 15.8g 23.9g 38.4g 0.7g