About Beard Papa

About the "Beard Papa"

Always Fresh’n Natural! Our cream puffs are made fresh daily in front of your eyes.

about01.jpgBeard Papa’s is a specialty store of homemade style creams puffs.

Our puffs are always freshly baked in the oven, and filled with a special cream prepared daily in the store to maintain the high standard. For the secured quality and fine taste, we fill each cream puffs pastry with a creamy filling in front of your eyes after receiving an order.

Always Fresh’n Natural, the crust of cream puffs pastry is crisp, and the filling is smooth and soft! Our special filling is made of melting custard combined with whipped fresh cream. Beard Papa’s can always offer you a Fresh’n Natural taste sensation.

Beard Papa’s is a proud specialty sweets store with selected ingredients and original recipes.

about02.jpgMade fresh in front of your eyes is just a part of our dedication. We are giving special attention to the ingredients and the way we create our sweets. Selected local fresh eggs, milk and dairy products, high quality Madagascan vanilla beans, and the finest flour to make cream puffs pastry – all are the important ingredients for our Fresh’n Natural sweets. The homemade style Fresh’n Natural means we use no preservatives and artificial additives.

Our secret recipe is very original to suit those ingredients, and no one can imitate them easily. You will be addicted to the natural and fabulous taste.

From Japan to every corner of the world, Cream Puffs made fresh daily in front of your eyes!

about03.jpgThere are 160 stores in Japan and 170 stores in 17 different countries in the world. Beard Papa’s is a global sensation! (Aug 2016 record) 

Started from Japan, our original cream puffs are spreading to every corner of the world.

“Yellow Sign” and “Old Papa with Beard” are our trade marks. Making fresh in front of your eyes is world-wide method to create our sweets. We are striving to have our stores in 50 different countries in the world, introducing the finest cream puffs to our customers.